A REALLY short introduction

Hi there!

I’m Rick, your friendly neighborhood motion designer with a sweet spot for 3D, advertising, and broadcast design.

Over a span of a decade and counting, I’ve played around with the coolest tools like Cinema 4D and After Effects, blending tech with a dash of artistry to cook up visuals that spin compelling tales.
I dive into the energetic worlds of advertising and television, crafting pieces that aren’t just seen, but felt.

My collabs mostly vibe with studios, but the thrill of working directly with individual clients has its own unique flavor.
Beaming creativity from the Netherlands, right near the lively core of Amsterdam, I’m here to paint your stories onto a visual canvas.

Whether it’s a quirky ad spot, a sleek TV overlay, or an eye-popping promo, let’s blend our brains to brew some visual magic!

Featured Projects